Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fat Loss Factor Review

This is the fat loss factor review by Indra Cahya

You may have heard and read about Fat Loss factor program review, which is one weight loss program that was released by Dr. Charles. He will teach you in detail about how to lose weight easily, the following is an outline of the program that he teaches. So, don't buy fat loss factor program before you read this review.

Fat loss factor containing instructions for a healthy lifestyle plan that can help everyone, in any condition to eliminate unwanted belly fat. Starting from the first to the last preparations for successful weight loss, FLF implements a healthy lifestyle, eating right for your body, and the right mindset to achieve your goals.
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How does the fat loss factor program work?

Dr Charles divide into two steps to achieve maximum result, here how this program work: 

  • First step is detox process, for two weeks you will be introduced by very healthy food that will help you to blow away every toxic inside your body. its little bit hard for you, because your eating habit will changed.
  • Second step is burning your fat, after your body clean from toxic and ready to burning fat, Dr Charles will show you the right food for your diet plan. A lot of people don't know what kind of food that will help to burn fat. But don't worry, you just follow diet plan prepared by Dr Charles from the first day until end of the day,lol. How about exercise and workout? exercise just to speed up the body's fat burning process, you can still lose weight even without following the exercise program.

This program does not use magic to get what He promised: slim and healthy body you can be proud. However, all of the success of fat loss factor program comes from a practice consistently from the principles that have been proven to build up your fitness and health. For example, the book states that a change in eating habits is very important to reach your goals. You will be shown about the types of healthy foods that can help the body burn fat, accelerate metabolism and generate energy for your activity.

Shortly after her body is cleaned and supplied with healthy and natural foods. You will be taken to know some basic principles to eliminate body fat. That's right, you will not need any kind of diet pills or supplements are very expensive to burn fat in your body. The book also shows you clearly that muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, thus providing the ability for your body to burn fat even when you are not working. By working on the sets and supersets, Fat Loss Factor guides you through the basic exercises that will build muscle you need without bulking up.

If you've entered the fourth principle in eliminating body fat. You will find that the traditional cardiovascular exercise is not what you want at practice. Citing scientific researchers around the world, Fat Loss Factor urges exercising in bursts or what is called burst training. By doing a different exercise intensity is high and low intensity which helps your body burn fat faster. so that the intensity of your workout is getting shorter.

Besides being very useful, this book is also one interesting reading, giving you reading informative but not boring, it will also motivate you to avoid weight loss using the fitness gadgets and the like.

The Pros And Cons of Fat Loss Factor

The Pros

  • Easy To Follow
  • The Program Can Be Customized To Suit An Individual's Needs
  • Your health and stamina will increase
  • You will more confident ( especially to the opposite sex )
  • Healthy and tasty food ideas for your diet plan
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Money Back Guarantee

The Cons

  • You will get extra cost to buy new dress or suit ( small size )
  • Requires Commitment

 Fat Loss Factor Product Package

  • Quick start Guide Start 
  • Fat loss Factor (FLF) Main Ebook
  • Master Cleanse Videos
  • Foojoo Software
  • FLF Exercise Log
  • FLF Workout Beginner
  • FLF Workout Intermediate 
  • FLF Workout Advanced
  • FLF 15 Minute Simple Workout 1~5 
  • Much more.. details click here  
Fat Loss Factor available on Italian and Spanish translation.


  1. I have tried this program. It’s truly very effective and useful. You can lose your weight easily with the help of this program.back pain and neck pain

  2. I have some complaint from member of FLF, some people have food allergy. But no need to worry because you can choose suitable food for your meal plan or for detox.

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