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7 Tips to burn belly fat quickly

7 Tips to burn belly fat quickly
Why a lot of women looking for tips to burn belly fat. Each woman has their own problems. Talking about the body, there are considered less inflates her breasts, feeling her eyes are too narrow, the skin is too black, and the most frequent complaint is the fat in the abdomen that makes us as bunting when we are not pregnant.

Distended stomach was not only affect the appearance of a woman's beauty, but also can lead to many diseases, such as the onset of heartburn, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

However, the good news is I have quick way to lose your belly fat. Some of them might make you shock and disbelief. However, there is no harm in trying right?!

Here 7 Tips to lose belly fat quickly:

  • You should eat more often.

Do not get too happy or suspicious first! Eating frequently is accompanied by a reduction in the portion. Eat 5-6 times a day with small portions, as this will keep you occupied and do not eat too much. In addition, frequent meals is also good for our body's metabolic system.

  • Do not leave the breakfast!

If your stomach is empty after many hours of sleep a night, then the stomach will get signal 'hungry'. And this is not good for the digestive process. If the digestive process is not smooth and uninterrupted, then only a few calories that will be burned by your body.

  • Choose a healthy food and contain fiber.

Try eating foods that contain fiber (fiber well as to facilitate the combustion process in the body), such as brown rice, wheat, vegetables, fruit, skim milk, fat-free chicken and meats, seafood, and egg white. Conversely, avoid the consumption of 'junk food' like pizza, burgers, fried foods, pastries, and sugar.

  • Eat slowly.

Get used to feed little by little food into the mouth and chew slowly. This will prevent you from eating a lot of work and can relieve stomach digestion.

  • Do frequently exercise

Jogging, aerobics, and cycling is the best exercise options that can make a belly so skinny. If you exercise before breakfast, then your body will burn the fat, because there is no inclusion of food in the stomach. This is great for streamlining the stomach.

  • Drink, drink, and drink again! Don't get drunk!

Keeping your body in a state of hydration is one important thing to wear off the fat in the abdomen. Because if you are dehydrated, the liver will not work optimally and the combustion process became less effective. Drink lots of mineral water and unsweetened green tea can neutralize the effects of fatty foods.

  • Get more sleep.

If you sleep less than 7-8 hours per night, you will find it difficult to be excited and energized the next day. Not only affect the performance, but also your appetite. The study found that a person who always / often in a state of fatigue tend to have a slow metabolism. So, make sure you get enough sleep and soundly every night.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption.

Alcohol affects to the liver, because drinking alcohol can decrease burning fat process. At any time if you want a drink or being in communion, then choose a glass of red wine, not only because of the low-carb, but red wine also contains other positive benefits.

  • Reduce salt consume.

Withstand salt water in the hull. This makes the stomach appear bloated. Junk food is a famous food rich in salt. Likewise, salty chips. So, leave it!

  • Avoid stress.

Stress can raise the weight. Not only because we are so much relieved to eat more, but when the body detects the presence of stress, a lot of hormones are released so that the metabolism affected. Stress thwart streamlining the stomach.

  • Keep the spirit.

Have a pleasant and positive thoughts that make you excited. Forget the past, especially things that cause grief. Forgive yourself and others. Be thankful for your existence. Enjoy the beauty around you. This positive mental attitude will affect the hormones produced by the body. So, always give positive signals in your body.

I mentioned 7 tips, but I give 11 tips to burn belly fat. Any problem with this??

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